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Eedi helps your child succeed in maths with live chat support from expert UK-based teachers. Get live teacher support with world class educational content in 5 minutes.

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Improved confidence after lesson

We know it's hard to help your child with their maths homework.

Let us do the hard work.

Spend less time on homework

Make learning efficient so your child can spend time less time on homework and more time offline.

Focused on learning

We give children resources to become independent learners, instead of simply giving away answers.

Affordable and effective

World-class educational content for less than £1.99 a week. That's less than a cup of coffee!

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Common Questions

What age groups and countries do you cover?

For now we recommend Eedi for 10 to 13 year olds in the UK.

England and Wales:
Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
Scotland: P7, S1, S2
Northern Ireland: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

Children in other countries can still benefit from Eedi, but content and topic order may be slightly different to what they are used to in their home country.

How is Eedi so affordable compared to private tuition?

In short, we rely on technology to augment what our teachers can do. This way we can offer a much more affordable but equally effective solution.

Much of this comes with the prep work and years of experience of our teachers. We've mapped all of the topics that children need to cover each year. For each topic, we've made dedicated videos and resources, covering questions and common misconceptions.

Using our live chat lessons we can the engage with students dynamically. We use smart algorithms (like those Netflix uses to recommend you movies) to identify what content would help each child learn better.

We also monitor lessons at scale, and focus on children who are not making progress during lessons. Armed with a lot more context, our teachers can jump in to intervene with efficiency and efficacy (a win-win for children and teachers).

Why should I trust Eedi?

Many reasons. To summarise a few:

• Eedi School and Eedi Family are used in over 16,000 schools and by hundreds of thousands of students, parents and teachers.

• Our Head of Education, Craig Barton, is a renowned author in the teaching community. His team of experienced maths teachers produce every element of our high-quality research-backed content.

• We are backed by LEGO's venture capital arm and are well-funded to keep improving our products and content. We're here for the long term.

• We partner with many of the world's leading education and technology organisations including Oxford University Press, Microsoft, and Cambridge Assessment.

Are teachers and tutors DBS checked?

Yes, all our tutors are DBS checked and have experience in classrooms with children aged 8-15.

My school isn't using Eedi School. Can I use Eedi Family?

For now, Eedi Family and Eedi School are independent products. You don't need your child's school to use Eedi School for you to use Eedi Family or vice-versa.

Can I try Eedi before paying for it?

Of course!

We have a free 14-day trial. You can try cover as many topics and lessons as you want within the trial window.

Feel free to reach out to us using the in-app chat if you have any questions.

We're here to help :)

What if I change my mind, do I have to continue paying?

You don't have to continue paying after you cancel your plan.

You can cancel your plan at any time in your account profile under billing. You'll be able to continue using Eedi Family until the end of the billing cycle.

I can't afford Eedi Family - can I still use it?

At the core of our mission is making maths education more affordable and accessible to every child.

If you've tried Eedi Family with your child, want to use it, but can't afford the full price, write to us on and we'll find a solution :)