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Complete homework quizzes.

Eedi makes it easy for you to complete homework quizzes in the classroom, on the school bus, or at home.

With Eedi you can

Answer quizzes

Eedi does not just tell you that some students have got questions incorrect – it gives you an insight into why they have gone wrong, which is the first step to helping them resolve the issues.

Teacher Feedback

Receive personalised feedback from your teacher, encouraging you to improve any weaknesses.

Revise Topics

Revise every topic you've studied in one place. Eedi highlights area for improvement and offers support resources.

What students say about Eedi

“It saved me time. I just wanted to get my wheel green. I didn’t have to waste time doing things I knew.”

“My revision for maths was spread out for me. I wasn’t cramming at the end.”

“My younger brother was having difficulty with his maths so I set him up an account and got him to do certain questions. He’s doing much better now.”

Eedi works wherever learning happens