Our Summer School is now at capacity!

We've had overwhelming interest in our free Summer School program which means we can't take on any more students right now. However, we love your enthusiasm and we're working hard to extend our program.

If you'd like to be added to our Early Access list for new programs please join below and you will be first to know if other similar programs become available!
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The lockdown has handed most children a big disadvantage this year

They've missed important lessons & vital concepts, and been unable to practice the maths topics they need for starting year 7.

Eedi Summer School fixes that, and it’s completely personalised to your child.

Using everything we’ve learned working with 15,500+ schools and millions of students, our Learning Assistant will take your child through the key maths topics they need to know when they begin secondary school. The Eedi Learning Assistant helps your child to quickly & thoroughly resolve gaps & misconceptions in their knowledge,  ensuring that they’re practiced & confident, ready for September.
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Year 7 must-haves. All personalised to your child


Every week, diagnostic quizzes identify your child's maths gaps & misconceptions in each topic, and report on exactly what needs improvement


Sessions with the Eedi Learning Assistant & human tutors assess and resolve remaining issues

Progress reports

Receive regular reports on your child's progress and learning outcomes

We engage your child so you won't have to nag them

Eedi's human-led program combines interesting questions, regular interaction with tutors, emojis, animations, videos and worksheets, spread across a few hours a week for 7 weeks.

We probably can't make maths the highlight of your child's summer holidays, but we can definitely make it engaging!

Eedi Summer School won’t end when summer does

From the start of the new school year in September, Eedi Summer School will become Eedi Home. We’ll provide your child with diagnostic quizzes, sessions with the Eedi Learning Assistant and more activities to do at home. And it’s all aligned with the year 7 National Curriculum or Maths Scheme of Work they’ll be studying in school.

And of course, you’ll receive regular progress reports, so you know exactly how your child is getting on, where they’re excelling, and where they’ve got more work to do.

What people say about Eedi

She absolutely loved the class. As soon as she came out of the class, she told me she absolutely loved it. It was really nice.



He really enjoyed it. When his Dad came home, he told him all about it and how he could do it!



It was great. Really responsive, it didn’t feel automated either. It felt like there was a person, it seemed to be really personal and I liked that



Maths is not her favourite subject and we didn’t really know how she was going to get along with the class. As soon as the class started, she was so excited. She was laughing and telling us how fun it was, so I was really impressed. She asked us today when she was going to have another class.



At first when I told her about the lesson, she was quite dismissive and was like oh no, not more work. But after the lesson she was really happy that she’d learnt something that she can apply to her schoolwork and when I mentioned another lesson, she was quite happy to do it.



I think the chat format was actually better. I thought it was clear and not using terminology that was too advanced, but equally not using too baby-ish language. The terminology used was spot on for her.


“Self-marking, amazing insights, allows me to build future lessons, great for report writing and parent interviews, so much more to say but Origin is on in Australia right now so need to get back to it.”

Mrs Harris

Sydney, Australia

"Excellent platform that is intuitive to use both for the pupils and the teachers with superb ability to quickly analyse the result of work and provide clear strengths and weaknesses."


Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Both the students as well as I absolutely love the fact that it is easily set up, accessible, really meaningful to their learning and that they can see their progress as well as which areas I need to re-visit with them. A fantastic tool."


Winchester, United Kingdom

The clear insights for a quiz, particularly the sorted questions by most misconceptions first, showing what those misconceptions are. Also the site runs at a proper speed, not suffering from bloaty slow graphics etc. Often overlooked, but an essential aspect in the classroom.


Luton, United Kingdom

My classes absolutely love them. We use them to illuminate misconceptions before we start the lesson.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Excellent resource - can be applied before, during or after lesson. Or simply as an assessment purpose. Great for discussion and collaborative learning. Fab


North Shields, United Kingdom

Summer School Questions

What does it mean if I join the waitlist? Will I get a place in Eedi's Summer School?
We can't promise anything right now, but we are working hard to extend our program and make it available to as many students as possible. If you join our waitlist we will email you if a spot comes available, or when we launch other similar programs. You can unsubscribe from our waitlist at any time, and there's no obligation to join if we offer you a place, so don't worry if you're not sure yet!
What are the Eedi Summer School Dates?
We start on Monday 13th July 2020, and run through to 4th September 2020. After 4th September, Eedi Summer School becomes Eedi Home, offering diagnostic quizzes, sessions with the Eedi Learning Assistant & human tutors, and more activities to do at home. Don't panic though, If you're joining our waitlist and we manage to get you a spot in Summer School, we will make sure you have time to complete the program!
What happens after Eedi Summer School?
From the start of the new school year in September, Eedi Summer School will become Eedi Home. At the end of Eedi Summer School you will be given the option to upgrade and subscribe to our Eedi Home product.
We’re confident Eedi Home is incredibly helpful for most children, but there is no obligation to join.
I've not heard of Eedi. Why should I trust you?
Our products, Eedi Classroom and Diagnostic Questions are used in over 15,500+ schools and by hundreds of thousands of teachers. We're backed by LEGO's venture capital arm, and we partner with many of the UK's leading education and technology organisations. You can read more about us here and our background here
How much time will my child spend on it?
Around 2 hours per week, spread across multiple days. The timings are very flexible, and each child is free to work at their own pace.
How much time will I need to spend on it?
None. Your child can complete Eedi Summer School without any parental input.
What equipment does my child need?
A laptop or tablet.
Which topics does it cover?
  • Place value and order
  • Integer arithmetic
  • Negative numbers
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Fraction, decimal, percentage equivalence
  • Ratios
I have a high ability child. Is this still worthwhile?
Yes. Eedi Summer School delivers personalised quizzes, content & tuition to each child. Higher ability students will be suitably stretched.
Why is the course free?
Given the current situation, we've worked to make the course accessible to everyone.
Who created & leads the course?
Craig Barton led development of the course content. You can get more info about Craig from his podcasts, YouTube videos and books. The course is delivered by Craig and other qualified teachers. It's centred around the use of Eedi's diagnostic questions, which identify exactly what each child doesn't know or misunderstands in each topic ("misconceptions") and then applies targeted remedial content to resolve the issue.