The Compton School’s entire maths department use Eedi for intervention and formative assessment.

Out of the handful of maths platforms they use, Eedi is the platform they continually go back to for diagnostic assessment and intervention to help their students resolve 94% of misunderstandings.

Here’s how teachers at The Compton School use Eedi across their entire maths department to provide 45 days of extra learning time using Eedi’s powerful lesson interventions to help their students resolve 94% of their misconceptions, without needing to lift a finger!

Quick facts

London, UK

Secondary school

1400 pupils


Misconception resolved rate

"We use quite a few maths platforms, but Eedi is the one we continually go back to for diagnostic assessment and for intervention as well."

Natan Janner-Klausner

Diagnostic Questions that drive learning during class time

Eedi presents a comprehensive bank of thousands of diagnostic questions covering Key Stages 1 to 4 and teachers can assign carefully-curated quizzes to classes, groups or individuals that drive student learning.

Teachers at The Compton School seamlessly integrate these questions into their curriculum, aligned perfectly within their schemes of work. With a simple selection from Eedi's vast question bank, teachers can present these thought-provoking questions on the board, fostering engagement and prompting students to pick up their whiteboards.

"Eedi presents very, very good diagnostic questions, so we use the questions themselves just within our schemes of work. We'll just go Eedi, pick a topic, present the questions on the board, and get the whiteboards out, which students really enjoy. We love that we can show the answers straight away and what the most common misconception is and have discussions about it as a class." Natan Janner-Klauser, Maths Teacher

Effective intervention through homework

Eedi extends beyond the classroom, empowering teachers to deliver effective interventions through homework assignments. The Compton School has witnessed a significant uptake in engagement, with previously disengaged students now actively participating in their own learning journeys. Eedi acts as a powerful "misconception hunter," enabling teachers to identify areas where students require additional support.

"We have also just started to use Eedi for interventions as homework, and there has been a really positive uptake. Kids that didn't usually engage are now engaging, which is fantastic. We love using it as a misconception hunter." Natan Janner-Klauser, Maths Teacher

Unparalleled quality of questions and pedagogy

According to Natan, Eedi's distinctiveness lies in the quality of it's questions and commitment to sound pedagogy. Our platform goes beyond simply highlighting students' mistakes; it provides teachers with a comprehensive understanding of why those mistakes were made and whether they have been resolved. Eedi empowers teachers to view the collective mistakes made by their entire class, fostering greater alignment within their department.

"It's the quality of the questions that we love. It's the only platform where, not only will I know whether they've made a mistake, but I'll also know why and whether it's been resolved before I need to step in. And on a bigger level, I can see the mistakes my whole class is making, or even the whole year group! As a department, we're much more aligned. We can identify where we're struggling across the whole year group. That's something that we would not be able to find out in the same detail from other platforms. Eedi is great for assessment and as a learning tool. Eedi's pedagogy is what makes it stand out; all the videos are phenomenally sound pedagogy." Natan Janner-Klauser, Maths Teacher

Immediate impact and high engagement

Teachers at The Compton School witness Eedi's ability to resolve misconceptions on the spot, real-time impact, enabling students to tackle misunderstandings immediately. Immediate feedback enhances the learning process and makes each lesson more efficient. The high engagement observed among students is a testament to Eedi's effectiveness.

"Within lessons, we are able to see the impact immediately! We can literally see Eedi resolving misconceptions on the spot so students can immediately tackle their misunderstandings. The ability to pinpoint what is going wrong fast makes every lesson easier. We're already seeing high engagement among our students, and I'm really hopeful that this will translate into grades." Natan Janner-Klauser, Maths Teacher

For more information on how Eedi can help you understand your students' learning better, see a real-time impact, and empower your maths department, book a introduction to Eedi session by clicking here.

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