Curriculum mapping

Links to our full collection of quizzes and supporting materials. Use them with your own scheme of work, or see how we have mapped them to other popular curricula.

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Read the information below, and if you have any questions, please email

What’s on the quiz pages?

Each objective is mapped to a quiz page on Eedi. On each quiz page, you will find:
  • A 5-question diagnostic quiz to assess students’ understanding of that topic
  • The skills tested in the quiz - clicking on each of these filters resources to match that skill
  • Diagnose: Multiple choice questions to quickly identify students' strengths and the specific nature of any misconceptions
  • Resolve: A video of a worked example together with a follow-up question to check students' understanding
  • Secure - Basic: Fluency practice to help students develop confidence and competence in this skill
  • Secure - Advanced: Intelligent practice consisting of a sequence of related questions where students are challenged to reflect, expect, check and explain
  • Master: Problem-solving questions designed to challenge even your highest-achieving students
Each of these resources can be used in class, or assigned to students on our system. For help getting your students set up on Eedi, please email

Which schemes of work do you cover?

The spreadsheet contains tabs
  • Tab 1: All Quizzes - This is everything we have got, covering Years 5 to 11. Use this Tab to match topics up for your scheme of work
  • Tab 2: White Rose Maths - Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Tab 3: Mathematics Mastery - Years 7, 8 and 9
  • More coming soon!

What do I need to do to access these resources?

  • First, sign up or log in to Eedi (it is free!)
  • Then, on the spreadsheet, find the topic you need (use the Topic column, or press the Ctrl and F keys together to search for a keyword)
  • Click on the Eedi link 🙂

How could I use the spreadsheet?

  • Make it your first stop when planning your lessons
  • Use it in lessons for questions and videos
  • Copy the Eedi links into your existing scheme of work document
  • Go to File > Download to get your own copy edit and use offline
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