Curriculum mapping

Find links to our full collection of quizzes mapped to some of the most popular maths schemes of work / curricula.

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Diagnostic Questions

Each objective is mapped to a pair of quizzes (Quiz A and Quiz B). Quiz B is a clone of quiz A - it assesses the same mathematical content, but the numbers and the order of answers are changed. You could:
  • Use Quiz A in class and set Quiz B for homework
  • Set Quiz A for homework, support students in class with the worst answered questions, and then use the questions from Quiz B to see if students have got it
  • Set Quiz A as an end of topic assessment, and set Quiz B several weeks later to see what has been retained
  • The choice is yours!
You can download any of the tabs within a spreadsheet by going to File > Download. This will allow you to edit the spreadsheets to your heart’s content!
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