No tech? No problem

With paper-based bubblesheets, students can answer multiple choice diagnostic questions without a device. They're quickly scanned and then marked automatically.

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How it works

Craig Barton
Lots of teachers have told us that they would like to use our diagnostic question but don't have access to devices in the classroom or their students have limited Internet access at home.

We came up with bubblesheets so your students can do their quizzes with only a pen and paper.
🖨 Step 1: Print out the bubblesheets
We'll give you a fully prepared set of bubblesheets specific to your class—ready for printing.
✏️ Step 2: Complete the quiz
Ask your students to complete the quiz in class or at home, and get the bubblesheets returned to you.
 📧 Step 3: Send them to us
Scan the bubblesheets using a desktop scanner, photocopier scanner, smartphone or tablet and email them to us.
  🎉 Step 4: Get the marks automatically!
Eedi will automatically mark each quiz and they'll appear in the normal results section!