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Eedi hosts the largest repository of diagnostic questions in the world. With over 120 million answers we have a unique data set with which to understand students’ misconceptions. In collaboration with Microsoft Research we have developed ground-breaking machine learning models to learn from this data and understand and direct students’ learning journeys to help improve learning outcomes. We are committed to sharing our findings and data to further the field

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In 2020 we hosted the NeurIPS Education Challenge to predict student responses, determine question quality, and identify a personalised set of questions for each student. Our competition received 3696 entries from 382 teams, and many research papers have been published using the competition data set. In 2021 the data set that we released won the Best Publicly Available Educational Data Set Prize awarded by the Educational Data Mining Society. We continue to support the data set as part of our ongoing learning engineering project.

Our team

Simon Woodhead

Data scientist and co-founder

Digory Smith

Data scientist

Craig Barton

Teacher, best-selling author and co-founder

Rachel Kidson

Teacher and Educational Psychology Lead


VICause: Simultaneous Missing Value Imputation and Causal Discovery with Groups

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CoRGi: Content-Rich Graph Neural Networks with Attention

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