Find out how lockdown affected your child's maths learning in 10 questions

Worried about lockdown loss? Have your child take this 10-question maths quiz to find out whether your child is behind, on track, or exceeding expectations for their school year.

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Mother helping child with Eedi maths homework

How does the Eedi Level Quiz work?

Your child does a 10-question quiz

The quiz is adapted to their school year and adapts to their answers so we can get the most information about their learning.

You get a report in minutes

We calibrate answers with thousands of children and send a simple 1-pager report so you can see how they are doing.

We partner with top institutions to develop effective quizzes

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We help children learn and those who support them


Parents use Eedi at home to help their children build confidence and skills in maths.

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Teachers use Eedi to support students by uncovering what they don't understand and why.

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