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Maths is not her favourite subject and we didn’t really know how she was going to get along with the class. As soon as the class started, she was so excited. She was laughing and telling us how fun it was, so I was really impressed. She asked us today when she was going to have another class.



At first when I told her about the lesson, she was quite dismissive and was like oh no, not more work. But after the lesson she was really happy that she’d learnt something that she can apply to her schoolwork and when I mentioned another lesson, she was quite happy to do it.



I think the chat format was actually better. I thought it was clear and not using terminology that was too advanced, but equally not using too baby-ish language. The terminology used was spot on for her.



“Self-marking, amazing insights, allows me to build future lessons, great for report writing and parent interviews, so much more to say but Origin is on in Australia right now so need to get back to it.”

Mrs Harris

Sydney, Australia

"Excellent platform that is intuitive to use both for the pupils and the teachers with superb ability to quickly analyse the result of work and provide clear strengths and weaknesses."


Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Both the students as well as I absolutely love the fact that it is easily set up, accessible, really meaningful to their learning and that they can see their progress as well as which areas I need to re-visit with them. A fantastic tool."


Winchester, United Kingdom

“It saved me time. I just wanted to get my wheel green. I didn’t have to waste time doing things I knew.”

“My revision for maths was spread out for me. I wasn’t cramming at the end.”

“My younger brother was having difficulty with his maths so I set him up an account and got him to do certain questions. He’s doing much better now.”

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Ben Caulfield, Co-founder of Eedi

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