Open Call for 25 researchers

In 2021 we were recipients of a $1.65M grant from Schmidt Futures to add new functionality to Eedi to allow researchers to design their own experiments and generate useful data. The grant was part of Schmidt Futures’ Learning Engineering programme which aims to drive improvements in learning outcomes by accelerating the development and use of learning science, by harnessing the power of computational methods, talent, and data.

While there is significant interest in improving assessment, there are few opportunities for researchers to test hypotheses at scale. This results in a gap for making data-driven progress in assessment. We have committed to support 50 experiments by external researchers in the next two years and 150 within three years. We have already received applications from academics at Cambridge University, Loughborough University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Microsoft Research.

For successful applicants we will:
  • provide support to conduct experiments
  • help design the intervention and choose the experimental design
  • track participation
  • provide data required to measure the outcome of the experiment
You will:
  • share results whether negative or positive
  • run ethical experiments
  • share data from the experiment

Open call for 25 researchers

Deadline: 1st May 2022
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