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10 Jan · 14 Feb
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Eedi Spring League is open to all students in Years 5 - 11 and all schools in the world. You can be on either Eedi Plus or Eedi Starter (free) and contribute to your school. The Spring League is included within every free Eedi Tutor subscription.

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Find the Spring League leaderboard in your Learning Hub, add your school and you're all set. In case your school is not in our list, add it and we'll approve it that same day.

The Spring League is a home learning league, so you can compete as an individual student, as well as part of your school!

Start learning with Eedi

Build your streak flames by reviewing topics and taking lessons. Learning is low-stakes and focuses on building confidence and resilience. The more flames you get, the more prizes you can win.

An unprecedented global maths learning competition

Everyone can join for free

Eedi Spring League is open to all students in Years 5 - 11 and all schools in the world. You can have Eedi Plus or Eedi Starter and contribute to your school. Compete as an individual and as part of your school!

Real prizes for students and schools

We'll update the weekly leaderboard live and at the end of every week. We'll announce the winners & prizes in our weekly episodes every Monday on our Youtube Channel and in a post within your Learning Hub.

Rewards effort, not always getting things right

Build your streak score by reviewing topics and taking lessons. Learning is low-stakes, encouraging and focuses on  building confidence and resilience.

Weekly competitions to keeps things fresh and engaging

The leaderboard resets every Monday, so everyone has a fresh start to win every week. Whether you joined at the start, or halfway through, you can still be a champion.

New prizes and competitions every week!

Individual Prizes 🏆

Every week we reward the top 5 students...

1st place: Prize announced weekly!
2nd - 5th place: Eedi Merchandise
Grand prize to winning student (14 Feb):

School Prizes 🏆

... and the top 3 schools!

1st place: £60
2nd place: £40
3rd place: £20
Grand prize to winning school (14 Feb):

Week 2

Sep 6, 2021 23:55
Plus Prize Bonanza 2
Draw for Lego Sets
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Teachers: invite your class to help boost your students' maths motivation and confidence


Modify the invitation template

We know you're busy so we want to make sharing the Eedi Spring League as simple as possible to support the fantastic work you do in the classroom.

Simply modify the invite template below to however is best for your parent community:

Get the invitation template:

Subject: A free maths learning league to improve maths grades and win prizes!

Dear parent,

Eedi has offered all Year 5 to Year 11 (ages 9 to 16) families free access to Eedi Spring League, a 100% free maths learning league designed to motivate children to build maths confidence starting January 10th (although you can join anytime!).

With the Eedi tutoring platform, students will get unlimited access to practice questions, review videos and the chance of winning prizes for their commitment and consistency. You'll also get weekly reports from Eedi on how they're doing.

Eedi is designed to feel more like a fun game rather than extra work. Your child will earn Streak points by setting a Routine and sticking to their weekly learning.

Eedi will hold weekly competitions and prize draws to boost motivation and engagement, giving away real prizes (from iPads to Amazon vouchers) for students and schools as they build their streak scores.

Families new to Eedi will also have a 7-day trial to their unlimited on-demand tutor plan, Eedi Plus, which usually costs £4.99 / month (note that this is optional and complimentary, you don't need to pay or add payment details to participate in the League)

To learn more, visit the official Eedi Spring League website. Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

If you have questions on the invitation, please contact Eedi directly on


Invite your parent community

Parents can sign up with their children in less than 5 minutes and 100% for free.

And that's it, we'll take it from there :)