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Eedi is built on research-informed pedagogy and designed to mirror the high-quality exchanges that happen in classrooms every day between teachers and students. Eedi offers opportunities to Assess, Learn, Practise, and Extend maths learning for all students, and it does this without increasing teacher workload. Used in class or for homework and revision opportunities, Eedi is designed to complement your teaching and give personalised learning to every child.
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Browse our comprehensive bank of thousands of diagnostic questions covering Key Stages 1 to 4 and assign quizzes to classes, groups or individuals. With multiple curricula strands to choose from, you can always find the ideal set of questions to check the understanding of your students.


If students get the wrong answer, our chat system prompts them to try again with a hint bespoke to their specific misunderstanding. If they still do not understand they are offered a video lesson which leads them through a worked example delivered by one of our amazing tutors.


The only way to get good at maths is to practice, and Eedi offers plenty of opportunity here. Students are offered fluency practice to develop their confidence and competence, and then intelligent practice to help them think harder about key relationships. For each question students can view a video of the tutor solving the same problem and compare their answer and approach.


Once students have grasped the basics, Eedi offers stretch and challenge activities to support students on their journey to mastery. Again, each problem comes with a video solution, and students can choose to take on these challenges beyond the work they are set by their teacher.

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