How to: Plan for error with Eedi

Craig's experience

"For the first five years of my teaching career, I was continually surprised by the mistakes and misunderstandings of my students. Even as my experience grew, I found it difficult to consistently predict where my students may go wrong with a concept. And this is a problem because it means we need to diagnose issues in the midst of a lesson and formulate a plan to support students, all while trying to deal with the hundreds of other things vying for our attention in the classroom."

How Eedi helps

Eedi allows you to pre-empt where your students are likely to struggle before you step into a classroom. For any topic you are about to teach, you can access data from hundreds of thousands of students who have already answered questions. Better still, Eedi will automatically highlight the most common wrong answer and suggest the reason for it.

Things to think about

  • How are you going to plan your explanations, examples and activities to ensure your students do not make these mistakes?
  • How are you going to support students who go wrong in this way?
  • Perhaps you could discuss these questions with a colleague
  • Or, in a departmental meeting you could discuss problematic questions for an upcoming topic, analyse the reasons students struggle, and share strategies and ideas to tackle them

Putting it into action

1. Go to the Set work page.

2. Click the View collection button on the collection you'd like to view.

3. Find a quiz you'd like to preview and click View quiz.

4. Use the Show Answers toggle to reveal the answers/data for each question.

5. You can now click on each answer in the bar chart to reveal answer explanations. This will highlight what the most common misconceptions are from students who've previously answered this question.

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