How to: Practice independently on Eedi

Craig's experience

Time for students to develop fluency and understanding in lessons is limited, so it is really important students have both the opportunity and support required to get the most out of practice they do outside of the classroom. We have already seen how teachers can set specific tasks for students to complete on Eedi, but we also have built a system that allows students to engage in effective independent practice tailored to their individual needs.

How Eedi helps

Every time students log on to Eedi, they are presented with two choices of topics:

1. Comfort topic

Eedi will use its knowledge of a student’s current understanding of mathematics, and choose a topic to help that understanding develop further.

2. Growth topic

Eedi will choose a topic right on the boundary of a student’s current capability to help them move to the next level.Each topic consists of the usual diagnostic quiz to pinpoint specific areas of development, plus on-demand lesson intervention (including the example-problem pairs and carefully designed fluency practice we have discussed in previous weeks) to help resolve any misunderstandings. So, instead of setting your students a specific task to complete, you could say “do 30 minutes on Eedi tonight” and you can be sure the practice will be tailored to their needs. In addition, students can choose to practice any topic they want - either to build up their proficiency and confidence in an area they have struggled with, or to push themselves even further via our stretch and challenge materials.