How to: Set homework on Eedi

Craig's experience

"How many times have you set your students a homework to do, only to be faced the next day with a student telling you they couldn’t do it because they got stuck? Without you sitting there beside them, homework can be a frustrating experience for the studious, or an easy opportunity to opt out for the lazy!"

How Eedi helps

Each homework you set on Eedi comes complete with free support and challenge. If a student struggles on a diagnostic question, they are first offered a hint based on the specific answer they gave. If they are still struggling they can begin a lesson. Lessons take place via our engaging chat interface.

Lessons comprise of:

  • A worked example delivered by our team of expert experienced teachers
  • A follow-up problem to solve
  • Fluency questions to develop confidence and competence
  • Intelligent practice questions to enable students to attend to key relationships

Each question comes complete with a full video solution, allowing students to not only check their work, but see exactly where they went wrong.

And if students fly through the homework with no problems? Well, then we have some lovely stretch and challenge questions for them to get them thinking hard.

Students gain rewards to help motivate them through lessons, and you gain a unique insight into your students understanding through our analytics.

Putting it into action

1. Create accounts for your students. If you haven't done this yet you can find our walkthrough video and written step-by-step guide on how to do this here.

2. To assign homework go to the Set work page.

3. Click the View collection button on the collection you'd like to view.

4. Find a quiz you'd like to preview/assign and click View quiz.

5. Click the Assign this quiz button at the bottom of the page.

6. Now you can choose which class(es) you'd like to assign the quiz to. You can also choose to assign the quiz to a selected subgroup of students within your chosen class.

7. You have the option to tag the quiz as priority assignment which means the class will see this quiz at top of their assignments list.

You can also choose to enable/disable intervention lessons. Having intervention lessons enabled is recommend for homework as it means students will be able to complete a lesson on any questions they struggle with.

8. Finally, choose your Start and Due dates and click the Assign to class button.