Ecclesbourne School, UK, witnesses real results with Eedi, improving student performance through targeted interventions and retrieval practice.

Head of Maths at Ecclesbourne School, Moya Weighill, tells us how her department leverage Eedi’s powerful diagnostic and intervention features to inform lesson planning, and how they have witnessed real maths progress through improved test results.

Here’s how teachers at Ecclesbourne School have so far used Eedi to provide over 659 hours of extra learning time since September using Eedi’s powerful lesson interventions to help their students resolve over 92.5% of their misconceptions.

Quick facts

Croydon, UK

Secondary school

1600 pupils


Misconception resolved rate

“I’ve noticed that the students who are regularly using Eedi, completing homeworks on time and keeping their learning sustained, are doing better in their tests. When I looked at my Year 9 test results, who did their exam just last week, the five students who underperformed are the students who have not been regularly doing their Eedi homeworks. Put it this way, we will be using it next year!"

Moya Weighill, Head of Maths

Addressing misconceptions and informing lesson planning

“It is a game-changer in helping us inform our planning, so that we know where to pitch the next lesson.”

Staff at Ecclesbourne School utilise Eedi’s powerful analytics to assist them in planning their lessons effectively. By utilising Eedi’s diagnostic features, teachers can identify areas where students struggle or hold key misconceptions, allowing them to tailor their lessons accordingly. 

"We are using it to help address misconceptions and to identify misconceptions, and then helping us plan our lessons. We're setting a weekly Eedi task as homework that the students all complete across the whole year group."

“We love how if they get a question wrong, it pulls them into a lesson to address that misconception, and when we get the results, and we can see whether how far they've progressed through the five questions, and whether or not they have needed to address a misconception, and if they did, whether they've successfully completed that little bit of work.”

Powerful insights and real-time progress tracking

"The best part of Eedi for me is just how quick and easy it is to look at a full set of results for a class and instantly be able to identify whether or not that learning had been successful. It’s just so quick to get an understanding of how our students are doing. I just don’t find other exercises as reliable." 

One of the most impactful features of Eedi, according to the teaching staff at Ecclesbourne School, is the ability to gain immediate insights into student performance. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of class results, enabling teachers to quickly assess the effectiveness of their instruction. With the option to view results for individual students, as well as the whole class, teachers can identify areas where learning has been successful and areas that require additional attention, allowing them to tailor their lessons accordingly.

Retention and long-term memory reinforcement

“We tend to use Eedi as a retrieval practice. We will be setting an easy task based on the work that we did two weeks previously, probably two or three weeks previously, so that we can see whether or not that learning has been retained. And when it hasn't, Eedi picks up on those misconceptions or lost facts. More retrieval practice or more reinforcement, to hopefully sustain long term memory.”

The educators at Ecclesbourne School recognise the importance of retention and long-term memory reinforcement in mathematics. Eedi serves as a valuable tool for retrieval practice, allowing teachers to assess whether previously taught concepts have been retained. By assigning tasks based on previous topics covered, the platform detects and addresses any misconceptions or forgotten facts. Through this process of retrieval and reinforcement, students develop a more enduring understanding of the subject matter.

“I love the fact that you can evidence retrieval practice so easily, and you can identify areas of strengths and knowledge gaps of individuals. So when there is going to be an intervention programme for a group of students, when you've got a student that has fallen behind, you can see this instantly from their Eedi record.”

User-friendly accessibility and efficient teaching

“It’s very accessible for the students as well. Because they don't have to get a computer out. They don't have to get a book out. They have their phones in their hands. 24/7. So, yeah, I think that it's very speedy on both ends. But it's still delivering the learning that we want.” 

The accessibility of Eedi is another aspect highly appreciated by both teachers and students at Ecclesbourne School. The platform can be accessed conveniently on students' smartphones, eliminating the need for additional devices or materials. This accessibility ensures that students can engage with the platform anytime, anywhere, maximising learning opportunities and homework completions. 

With a bank of hundreds of ready-made diagnostic quizzes that enable you to test understanding in over 2000 maths skills, Eedi saves you time creating your own. Eedi’s pedagogically sound quizzes and plausible response options mean that teachers can give more time to analysing student performance and helping those students who need extra support. 

“Eedi is such a time saver because coming up with diagnostic questions is very time consuming, as well as four plausible responses! So having it done for you on a plate is very appealing. Also, sometimes I look at some of the answers, and I struggle to work out what they would have done wrong to get those answers. It’s difficult to understand when it makes sense to you sometimes! But having those mistakes in front of me on the screen makes me plan my lesson differently, because I then understand why they might get confused about certain things that I hadn’t considered. I then build this into my lessons.”

Empowering students and boosting performance

“The students like using it as part of their revision, so that they know that they have got key skills embedded. At first, some of my members of the team thought that it would be a waste of time for those most able students. But actually, again, because of those tempting misconception answers, you often fall into the trap of getting the wrong answer because they haven't read the question properly. That’s how you miss out on that grade 9!” 

The students at Ecclesbourne School have embraced Eedi as a valuable tool for revision. Even the most capable students have recognised its benefits, as the platform challenges them to avoid falling into the traps of tempting, and very common, misconceptions. 

“I’ve noticed that the students who are regularly using Eedi, completing homeworks on time and keeping their learning sustained, are doing better in their tests. When I looked at my Year 9 test results, who did their exam just last week, the five students who underperformed are the students who have not been regularly doing their Eedi homeworks.”

Since implementing Eedi, the school has witnessed notable improvements in student performance. Teachers have observed that students who regularly engage with the platform, completing their homework and sustaining their learning, tend to achieve better results in tests. The platform's ability to provide evidence of retrieval practice and identify knowledge gaps has proven invaluable in designing targeted intervention programs for individual students or groups.

For more information on how you can help your students improve performance through Eedi's targeted interventions and retrieval practice, book a introduction to Eedi session by clicking here.

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