The Cheadle Academy increases access to tuition with Eedi Plus

The Cheadle Academy used other maths platforms but they were still left searching for a way to provide support for their pupils that was as effective as face-to-face tutoring, but within a tight budget.

Here’s how the Academy utilised the Pupil Premium grant on Eedi Plus to help their students resolve 88% of their misconceptions and reduce the workload of teachers and TAs for 8% of the cost of face-to-face tuition.

Quick facts

Age group: Secondary
Number of Plus subscriptions: 100
Total number of students: Whole school
Use case: Independent learning, After-school club, Lesson time, Ad hoc intervention





“In terms of the amount of impact Eedi has had, as a single teacher with 35 students in the room, there is no way I could ever have gotten around to putting right 215 misconceptions. It's been really having a massive impact already, in such a short space of time.”

Utilising the Pupil Premium grant for 1:1 tutoring on Eedi Plus

Mrs Kirkman, Head of Maths at The Cheadle Academy, was in search of a maths platform that would deepen her students' conceptual understanding of mathematics, not just procedural, whilst providing concise and clear results as their teacher. All on a tight budget. 

After familiarising themselves with the free version of Eedi, Mrs Kirkman decided to purchase 100 Eedi Plus subscriptions for her Year 7-10s by utilising the school’s Pupil Premium grant. Eedi Plus gives students access to live tutor support on demand, and additional motivational aspects of the product.

The Cheadle Academy students’ use Eedi Plus for homework, lesson time and independent study

Eedi Plus is central to The Cheadle Academy students’ ability to resolve misconceptions and build confidence during school, and at home.

They use Eedi in many ways:

  • Independent learning - students are encouraged to use Eedi Plus a minimum of twice per week as revision. 
  • Lunch/After-school club - weekly sessions in the computer room for students who need to use the school computers to study, and who need extra support.
  • Lesson time - teachers book computer rooms once a week where students complete classroom assignments on Eedi set by their teacher.
  • Homework - students use Eedi to consolidate their learning and boost confidence by completing assignments set by their teacher. 

“The students have really got so much out of it so far, and they are certainly much more confident in those topics. Having free reign to revise with Eedi on topics from their revision list is absolutely fantastic.”

Eedi Plus online tutors help their students resolve their misconceptions before Mrs Kirkman needs to intervene, saving valuable teaching time.

With Eedi tutors available from 9am - 8pm, 7 days a week, The Cheadle Academy students can access live, 1:1 support from qualified maths teachers on demand. 

“It’s given me crucial time I’ve needed to work further with those students who needed extra support on the remaining unresolved misconceptions. It’s so much more manageable. It's been really having a massive impact already, in such a short space of time.”

The efficacy of 1:1 tuition, for 8% of the cost!

Eedi Plus provides 1:1 tuition for 22% of the cost of National Tuition Program rates and 9% of School-Led Tuition, for the whole year, not just 15 hours!