The Commonwealth Academy, VA, uses Eedi to empower their students who once hated maths.

Mathematics teachers, Carolyne Strain, Meaghan Ryan and Daniel Furman, told us how they use Eedi to boost engagement in reluctant students, maximise understanding, and improve performance & knowledge retention.

Here’s how teachers at The Commonwealth Academy have so far used Eedi to provide over 40 hours of extra learning time using Eedi’s powerful lesson interventions to help their students resolve over 88% of their misconceptions.

Quick facts

Virginia, USA

Middle School (secondary)

200 pupils


Misconception resolved rate

"My students engage so much better with Eedi. Homework completion, and classwork completion has increased. Versus if I assigned something on our previous platform, only one or two of them would do it, but when I set work on Eedi, almost all of them do it. Overall understanding is better with Eedi. We also just have better conversations, I can see it, the enthusiasm, during our classroom discussions."

Meaghan Ryan, Mathematics Teacher

Empowering The Commonwealth Academy's students' to love maths

Eedi creates a supportive and engaging environment in the classroom, and at home, that encourages students to take ownership of their learning. Eedi's interactive features, such as the question of the day and the incentive of earning extra coins, motivate students to explore maths independently. Megan Ryan, a Maths Teacher at the school describes below how she witnessed the transformation of student who once doubted their abilities to now willingly engaging in maths since they started using Eedi.

"One girl in particular has discovered the independent learning part, and how she can earn extra coins doing that, and she's just doing tons of extra math! And what's really interesting is that in a parent-teacher conference I had with her mom, she was saying that this child used to go home and be like 'I'm dumb at math, I'm stupid, I'm never going to be good at this.' Since we started Eedi, she's just doing tons of math on her own now, for fun! They are really enjoying this class." Meaghan Ryan, Mathematics Teacher

Bite-sized learning to maximise attention

Maintaining your students' attention is hard, but Eedi offers concise and focused video worked examples that deliver content effectively, without overwhelming students. Shorter videos ensure maximum engagement and understanding, keeping students actively involved in their learning journey.

"I also love that the videos that you're sending them aren't 10-minute videos; they're more like a minute, minute and a half. You make it short and sweet whilst still giving them all the tools they need, because our kids lose attention so rapidly. Yeah. But really, a quick and concise video is all you need." Daniel Furman, Mathematics Teacher

Enhanced teacher-student interaction

Eedi's intervention feature empowers teachers to provide targeted support to students who need it the most by plugging over 90% of knowledge gaps for you, so you can address the remaining gaps more efficiently. The intervention lessons give every student personalised support, optimising classroom time, and allowing teachers to focus on facilitating meaningful discussions as Carolyne Strain tell us below.

"The ability within each of my classes is really broad, and there's a lot of sporadic gaps. The thing that I loved while watching Eedi in my classroom is that it allows us as teachers to really focus on small group and one-on-one intervention. It reduces the amount of time spent standing in front of the class and going around to every individual student to help with problems. Everyone's time is better spent. Our students are actively engaged in the learning, and our teachers are more quickly able to see which students need extra help and can step in and do that while Eedi does the rest. Lessons have been more efficient all round since we've been using Eedi." Carolyne Strain, Mathematics Teacher

Increased engagement and understanding

Our interactive platform fosters higher levels of student engagement and participation. By using Eedi to assign and track homework and classwork, teachers can witness a significant increase in completion rates. The personalised nature of Eedi's approach ensures that students are more motivated to complete tasks and actively participate in more enriching classroom discussions.

"My students engage so much better with Eedi. Homework completion and classwork completion have increased. Versus if I assigned something on IXL before, only one or two of them would do it, but when I set work on Eedi, almost all of them do it. Overall understanding is better with Eedi. We also just have better conversations; I can see it, the enthusiasm during our classroom discussions." Meaghan Ryan, Mathematics Teacher

Reluctant engagement transformed

Eedi's motivational elements, such as avatar customisation and earning virtual coins, have the power to transform reluctant learners into active participants.

"I took a class for algebra recently, and we did a week of it, and they complained about it all week. But then I got them on Eedi, and I watched what they would do, and they were wanting to change their avatars and personalise their accounts with their coins. In turn, they were completing all the work they needed to do, and they were all sort of actually super active, I guess 'reluctantly engaged,' but they were doing it which was amazing." Carolyne Strain, Mathematics Teacher

Improved performance and knowledge retention

Eedi's mastery approach promotes better performance and long-term knowledge retention, by enabling students to develop a deeper understanding of math concepts.

"We had a review week recently, and we gave this class who had been using Eedi a mini-test. We gave them a mixed topic test, where we gave them a question from each of the Eedi topics they had done recently. They did really well on that test. They really had engaged and learned things, which they would not have done in our regular program IXL." Carolyne Strain, Mathematics Teacher

For more information on how Eedi can help your students improve maths performance, confidence and empower your maths department, book a introduction to Eedi session by clicking here.

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