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Powered by Diagnostic Questions, Eedi provides personalised learning and AI-powered independent practice that’s as effective as 1:1 tuition. Eedi can be used for AfL, differentiation, intervention and revision, during lesson time or for homework. It’s one solution for everything, and it’s free, saving you time and money!

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No more excuses

Eedi’s differentiated learning provides lessons for students who are stuck and stretch & challenge for those who fly through. We understand that students can be difficult to motivate, which is why we reward hard work and progress with Eedi Coins. Coins can buy virtual goods, increasing motivation, saving you time and effort chasing incomplete work.

Free up more time to focus on what matters

With Eedi’s insights, you can allocate your instructional time more effectively. Whether, it’s helping students improve or work on prerequisites, supporting their homework, practice or revision, Eedi helps you maximise your time with your students.

“We designed Eedi to support the wonderful work you do in the classroom. Together we can help your students reach their full potential.”

Craig Barton

Craig Barton

Leading UK maths teacher, bestselling author & co-founder of Eedi.

“As a single teacher with 35 students in the room, there is no way I could ever have gotten around to putting right 215 misconceptions. It’s given me crucial time I’ve needed to work further with those students who needed extra support on the remaining unresolved misconceptions. It’s so much more manageable. It's been really having a massive impact already, in such a short space of time.”

Becky, Head of Maths, The Cheadle Academy

“As a Maths Teacher it is such a joy to see my students asked interesting and fundamentally useful questions on Eedi. The instant information I am able to receive about what exactly my students are struggling with is invaluable and is almost impossible to do without the diagnostic questions that make up Eedi. On top of the data I receive on my students they are also really enjoying the learning side of the platform - the ability to have every question they attempt explained to them gives them so much clarity and helps them build confidence to resolve their misconceptions (which Eedi has of course already identified!). We are excited as a department to use Eedi more widely and to hopefully make it the backbone of our intervention program in the future.”

Natan, Maths Teacher, The Compton School

“My class love Eedi. I set assignments based on what we are learning in class. This allows the children to consolidate their learning and address any misconceptions. It has also allowed me to see who needs extra support. They love building up their coins and have the options to change backgrounds, enter competitions and change avatars.”

Jessica, Year 6 Teacher, St Michael’s CEP School

Get your classes set up and set work in minutes