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Tens of thousands of schools use Eedi’s free diagnostic questions & formative assessment quizzes to identify what each student doesn’t understand and why they’re going wrong.

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"I’m Craig Barton, one of Eedi’s creators. For 8 years, I’ve worked with teachers around the world to make the most effective use of their teaching time and homework."

Craig Barton, Co-founder of Eedi

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What is a Diagnostic Question?

It’s a multiple choice question in which the wrong answers are based on the most common misconceptions for that learning construct.

  • When a student answers wrongly, you know why they got it wrong.
  • Eedi tracks and groups students in your class by misconception so you can teach them what they actually need.
  • Eedi has diagnostic questions and quizzes for every topic of the most popular maths schemes of work.
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What others say about Eedi

“Self-marking, amazing insights, allows me to build future lessons, great for report writing and parent interviews, so much more to say but Origin is on in Australia right now so need to get back to it.”

Mrs Harris

Sydney, Australia

"Excellent platform that is intuitive to use both for the pupils and the teachers with superb ability to quickly analyse the result of work and provide clear strengths and weaknesses."


Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Both the students as well as I absolutely love the fact that it is easily set up, accessible, really meaningful to their learning and that they can see their progress as well as which areas I need to re-visit with them. A fantastic tool."


Winchester, United Kingdom

The clear insights for a quiz, particularly the sorted questions by most misconceptions first, showing what those misconceptions are. Also the site runs at a proper speed, not suffering from bloaty slow graphics etc. Often overlooked, but an essential aspect in the classroom.


Luton, United Kingdom

My classes absolutely love them. We use them to illuminate misconceptions before we start the lesson.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Excellent resource - can be applied before, during or after lesson. Or simply as an assessment purpose. Great for discussion and collaborative learning. Fab


North Shields, United Kingdom

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