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Eedi Summer Club is the most fun way to learn maths

More than 1,000 families participated last year and 90% would recommend
Uses Eedi Family - a proven tutoring platform for learning and reviewing maths
We bring in engagement and motivation - streaks, achievements, team leaderboards, and weekly competitions that will keep your child motivated
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Eedi Summer Club makes preparing for next year's maths easy and fun

Live Chat Lessons

Get live tutor support 7-days a week

UK-based teachers support students in real-time in our interactive lessons.

You no longer have to wait hours to get feedback. Get instant feedback and learn faster.

Topic Reviews

Learn with engaging online lessons and videos

We personalise your pathway so that you spend your time working on the topics that'll help you improve the most.

Review efficiently, learn quickly, so you can spend more time offline.

Parent Reports

Tailor-made reporting of your child

Get weekly reports on how your child is doing, how they're improving, and what the recommended course of action is.

We're here to talk to you if you have any questions.

Weekly Achievements and Rewards

Have fun while learning maths

Who said maths can't be fun?

Build your learning Streak by answering questions. Unlock fun achievements.

Pick your Team and compete for the grand prize at the end of the summer.

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