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December update πŸŽ„

Harriet Walters

2020 was an unusual year, but Christmas should be a joyful time so let's round up the year on a high.

‍A year at Eedi πŸ†

After years of working on Eedi and Diagnostic Questions, publishing 1,000’s of questions used by 100,000s of teachers around the world, earlier in the year we announced our first institutional round of investment, led by LEGO Ventures and an incredible group of supportive investors πŸ’‘.

Fast-forward and Eedi Summer School was launched, the earliest release of our brand new product. We set off on our journey into product development and commercialisation, helping Year 6 students transition in secondary school following school lockdowns. Thousands of students tested and gave feedback on our product whilst conquering the 'lockdown maths gap', catching up on vital concepts that they had missed πŸ’ͺ.

We updated our product, and Eedi Family was born.

2020 gave us the amazing opportunity to navigate through school closures and lockdowns together. We made it our mission to help every child build the skills and confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing world. If there's one thing we've learnt this year, rapidly changing is an understatement...


What was new in December?

Topic Pathways went live πŸš€

You may have noticed your child's account looks a little different with the introduction of brand new Topic Pathways. Topic Pathways allow children to choose their own leaning adventure and give them a sense of control over what they study. Once they complete a topic, they unlock the next one so the workload feels manageable and they can actually see the progress they're making!



New feature, Routines, in the making πŸ“†

Routines will give students the ability to plan their study diary. Research shows that students who form regular study habits are more productive and get better results. As always, we also spoke to you and you told us that it sometimes felt like a struggle to get your kids to log back in and study.

Choosing which days to study, and for how long each week, gives children a sense of control which increases motivation to learn. When you make a commitment early on, the task can feel more manageable. Ultimately, this feature is encouraging children to build positive learning habits that work. Plus they'll have the option to get email reminders from us, to save you the work.


Eedi Christmas Party πŸŽ„

The team got together for our zoom Christmas party which saw cocktail making, cooking a Christmas meal and a couple of workshops where the team brainstormed future product ideas for the new year πŸ’‘. We had a great time, despite the circumstances, and it was a chance to switch off after a hectic end to the year.



Written by
Harriet Walters
Marketing Manager

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