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February update ❤️

Harriet Walters

We’ve made some big strides this Feburary here at Eedi HQ - from customisations on existing features to the release brand new ones that we think you're going to like.

One of the biggest milestones was the release of the new search bar function which is way more exciting than it sounds, and ticks a crucial box for a lot of parents.

What happened this month?

💫 Work with influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. After years of research, big companies selling clothing, make up and other products still use this option to spread brand awareness and increase sales. But when it comes to influencers and education, is it as effective? We're about to find out!

This month, we teamed up with two of Britain's most influential parents: Honest Mum and DIY Daddy. Together they reach millions of people each week - and their followers trust, engage and interact with them every day.

Vicki, AKA Honest Mum, is a writer, filmmaker, TV broadcaster and author and you can often catch her on BBC Breakfast, Channel 5, This Morning, SKY News and more. She's built a following of 56.1K trusting parents and young adults on her Instagram. Our campaign went live as children were about to return to school, so it felt like a good time for us to connect with her community of parents. Check out the post here 👉

Nigel, AKA DIY Dad, was voted #3 UK Dad Blogger in 2020 and was a finalist in the Online Influencer Vuelio Awards 2019. Nigel's blog post walks you through the ins and outs of Eedi Family and he gives his honest opinions throughout. If you're a parent considering trying Eedi, it may just be worth checking it out 👉

We hope to continue building relationships with more influencers - and we're looking forward to learning and discovering the channels that naturally work best for both us, and their communities.

Are you an influencer, creator, blogger? We'd love to hear your ideas on how we could work together. If your community would benefit from hearing about our product, talk to us at

🥇 The Colour League: Making learning social

In March, we're running the first Colour League, our first attempt into making learning more social. For 1 week, we'll group all Eedi learners into 3 teams - red, yellow or blue.

For every Topic and Lesson your child completes, they will win points for their team and help them climb to victory.

The winning team will not only gain eternal glory, but all of its members will have a chance to win pretty cool prizes.

It's simple - but epic.

The only way to learn is by doing, and the Colour League will encourage our learners to get involved, stay motivated and introduce a new social learning element to Eedi.

🔎 Topic search feature

You asked for choice, we gave you choice!

Whatever you want to study, whenever you want to study, at whatever level you want to study. Lessons in any maths topic, on-demand, with just the click of a button.

You can now use the new search bar feature to explore our library of lessons to suit your child's exact needs. Whether they want to revise for a test, catch up on missed lessons, stay ahead and learn brand new concepts, we've got them covered.

📹 5 special things teachers can do on Eedi School

You may have heard of Eedi Family, but do you know about Eedi School, our free product for teachers to use to support their pupils? This is actually where it all began for Eedi!

We were touched when 800+ teachers showed an interest in this webinar at the end of the month, led by Craig Barton, Co-Founder. If you're a teacher and want to understand where your students are going wrong, save time and reduce your workload, and give tailored feedback with the click of a button, you should watch it here.

We love supporting teachers, and we love that they support us too ❤️.

📹 Lockdown learning: "What Works for Me"

Rachel Kidson, Maths Author at Eedi, shared loads of useful tips on motivation, engagement and balance from parents, teachers and educational researchers earlier this month to help parents through lockdown learning. Watch it here.

Written by
Harriet Walters
Marketing Manager

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