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January update 🌳

Harriet Walters

By the end of the December 2020 our network of parents hit 10,000+. Last year was a year for us to build, test, talk and learn so we could continue making Eedi even better for you. We're proud of how far we've come (thanks to all of your feedback). If we thought last year was big for us, we have another thing coming for 2021. πŸ”

Our focus from now until the end of lockdown is to provide as much help, support and encouragement as we can to get through this together.


What did we learn in 2020?

βœ… Open conversations with our customers is important for growth

βœ… You want to be in control of the topics available to study

βœ… Shorter lessons & videos = better engagement, better results

βœ… Human interaction with real teachers is important to you


2020 in numbers πŸ“Š

πŸ‘‹ 10,000+ new faces

πŸŽ‰ 1182 lessons taken

❀️ 83% of misconceptions resolved

πŸ’¬ 80+ interviews conducted


What has happened in January?

Shorter Topics Pathways, fun facts and active children πŸ₯³

We rebuilt Topics so they are at most 5 questions. It's no fun when you make slow progress and 10+ question Topics didn't help. We totally get why some kids were finding that demotivating! The new flow means your child will progress faster and we'll be able to better recommend content to match their needs πŸ™Œ.

You'll notice we added the number of children learning on their dashboard too. Belonging is a powerful catalyst for motivation so learning in the knowledge that loads of other kids are studying at the same time as your child will help to make them feel less alone.


New 5 Question Topics


We also took personalisation to the next level. Our team of experienced teachers handpicked every child's Topic level and we're currently developing a way of automating this. It'll leave your child feeling the perfect combination of challenged, yet accomplished πŸ’«.

Everyone enjoys a fun fact so we added one before your child begins every Topic πŸ‘‡.

Fun Facts


Craig's Webinar Trilogy for Parents πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

With another national lockdown announced on January 4th many parents were left juggling homeschooling whilst trying to make a living in the midst of an economic crisis. Our focus in January (and onwards until we're out of lockdown) was to provide as much help, support and encouragement as we can to get through this together.

Eedi Family may be new, but Eedi School (our free ❀️ school product) has been around for years. Using 200+ million answers from students, Craig Barton, Co-Founder of Eedi, dived into the top 5 maths mistakes made by students in Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 and how parents can support them at home (πŸ‘ˆ just click on the links to watch). Leave feeling better connected to school mathematics and less anxious about supporting children at home.



πŸ“† With schools now to reopen from March 8th at earliest, we thought parents like you might be interested in hearing our tips on routines, motivation, engagement and balance whilst home schooling, plus some useful learning resources too. Our next webinar is taking place on February 10th and you can sign up πŸ‘‰ here.


What's next for product? πŸ’‘

Stretch and Challenge is back!

For those of you who took part in Eedi Summer School, this should ring a bell. Stretch and Challenge is for those students who need to pushed that little bit harder. If your child does particularly well in a topic, they'll get offered the Stretch and Challenge lesson which will be in a similar format to any regular lesson with Eedi, but in 2 parts and with extra, live support from our teachers. They'll only move onto part 2 if they successfully finish part 1 so it won't be too challenging for them.


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Written by
Harriet Walters
Marketing Manager

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