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How to build mathematical resilience and reduce maths anxiety in children aged 10-13 webinar

Rachel Kidson

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How to build mathematical resilience and reduce maths anxiety in children aged 10-13

School closures have been tough on everyone this year, and if you think your child might be suffering from increased maths anxiety our webinar will provide you with some actionable tips on helping your child overcome it.

Maths anxiety is defined as "a negative emotional reaction to maths leading to feelings of helplessness and panic". We all experience it in certain situations, but if your child experiences it on a regular basis, it can result in lower performance, and more importantly be detrimental to their self-esteem.

[For parents]

In this session, you’ll learn:

1. What maths anxiety is

2. How to spot the signs

3. Practical strategies to help your child cope

4. Actionable tips on helping them build mathematical resilience

Enjoy! Feel free to share this page with other parents who may find this useful.

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Written by
Rachel Kidson

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