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NEW Free Resource: GCSE Big 20

Craig Barton

This week we have been working on a free resource to support your Year 11 students in the build-up to their GCSE Maths exams called... the GCSE Big 20!

What the heck is the GCSE Big 20, I hear you say?Well, it is a series of 20 short quizzes focussed around topics where our data suggests students hold key misconceptions. We have carefully chosen questions to draw out any existing misconceptions so students can receive support before their exams.

But the GCSE Big 20 is even better than that because each quiz comes complete with our free, on-demand support. So, if students are struggling with a question, they can watch a worked example and try a follow-up question. Or they can engage in some fluency or intelligent practice. And then when they have nailed the topic, they can take on some of our lovely stretch and challenge material to deepen their understanding. All of this is 100% free.

There are two GCSE Big 20s available:

  • GCSE Big 20 Foundation - for students sitting the GCSE Foundation tier
  • GCSE Big 20 Crossover - for students sitting either the Foundation or the Higher tier, with a focus on those topics that appear on both

To find the GCSE Big 20 collections, simply log into Eedi and click on Set work. There you will find the GCSE Big 20 collections ready to assign to your students:

And if you need any help getting your students set up on Eedi, or anything else, either head to our Help Centre, or reply to this email.I really hope you and your students find the GCSE Big 20s useful.

Written by
Craig Barton
Head of Education

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