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October update 🍂

Harriet Walters

Let's kick of the month with our big announcement ... Eedi Family is now available for children in Year 6 & Year 8! 🥳 The new lessons will help Year 6s with their SATs and Year 8s to catch up on vital concepts they missed during their all important first year of secondary school due to lockdown.

It's still a strange world at the moment, but on a brighter note October has brought us

  • golden trees
  • Black History Month
  • World Mental Health Day
  • an extra hour in bed (thank you, Daylight saving)
  • half-term fun
  • and Halloween is well on it's way.

All of that, plus here at Eedi we've been busy getting ready for our November webinar on helping children overcome maths anxiety and we also welcomed our very first customers to Eedi Family this month!


Eedi Family is now available for children in Years 6 and 8 🚀

Let us explain why we decided to add Year 6 and Year 8 content to our offering.

Year 6 can be a pretty daunting time for even the most confident of 10 year olds (and their parents too!). It's a key moment in your child's life as they embark on their final year of primary school and take their nerve-racking SATs exams. When it comes to preparing for SATs, Eedi Family makes exam preparation fun, and super manageable. Our 30-minute lessons cover key topics to ensure they're exam ready, giving your child that extra reassurance and support they need.

In Year 8, you child can expect to consolidate and build on their skills acquired in Year 7 and start to establish good routines and study habits. There are no significant assessments in Year 8, but that doesn't mean Year 8 isn't important. Eedi Family checks your child's knowledge and helps them to build those all important learning habits through regular weekly lessons to ensure they stay on the right track.

👉 Try Eedi Family for free here



Upcoming webinar: How to build mathematical resilience and reduce maths anxiety in children aged 10-13 📆

With school closures interrupting learning earlier this year, 'maths anxiety' is all the more likely in this crazy world we're all getting used to. In our first free webinar on 24th November at 8pm you will learn actionable strategies on how to help your child overcome maths anxiety and build mathematical resilience. Craig Barton, Co-Founder, Influencer and Head of Education at Eedi, will be hosting and Rachel Kidson, Maths Author at Eedi, will be presenting. If you like it, we might just make this a regular series.

👉 Reserve a place on this page



October learnings 🍂

It's been one of the most exciting months yet welcoming our first ever customers to Eedi Family. Hooray! It looks as though your children are enjoying it too, with an average lesson enjoyment rating of 4.5/5. Not bad, but we're working to make this even better.

We also caught up with some parents who cancelled their subscriptions to find out what wasn't working for them. The conclusion? Technical issues - some lessons weren't loading properly. We're really sorry about that, but we've now fixed the issue and everyone should now be able to access lessons... problem-free! As always, your feedback is invaluable to us.

Keep your eyes peeled for some big changes coming in November which will make navigating around your account a lot easier too. You spoke, we listened!


Whats next?

I’d like to invite you to contact us any time with ideas and questions. You can reach us by emailing me personally (Harriet at or via our live chat on our website where Chelsea and Adam will be waiting to help!

Best wishes,


Written by
Harriet Walters
Marketing Manager