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Covid 19: New Quiz Collections For Distance Teaching/Online Learning

Craig Barton

In our bid to support teachers and students as much as possible, we have built the functionality to set individual quizzes onto our Eedi platform... and significantly improved the process at the same time! This means with a few clicks you can find a suitable quiz from our top-class curated collections and assign it to your students so they can answer them on their own devices.

To keep things simple, we have focussed on a number of key quiz collections that should be most useful at this time:

For Maths:

  • White Rose Maths for Years 1 to 8
  • Eedi GCSE topic quizzes for Years 9 to 11
  • Mixed topic quizzes for Years 6 and 11 (although they may be suitable for other year groups depending on your class)

For Computing:

  • Quantum Project Computing Baseline
  • Teach Computing NCCE for KS3 and KS4
  • Quantum Project Computing GCSE

Here are three ways you might use a quiz during this period of distance teaching:

  1. Before a lesson - set a quiz to give you a sense of your students’ prerequisite knowledge before you teach them something new
  2. During a lesson - spice things up by setting your students a quiz whilst everyone is online and watch the results come in live. You can then feedback and respond accordingly (this is my favourite!)
  3. After a lesson - set a quiz based on what students have been taught to see what has stuck.

And of course, whatever you choose, the quizzes will be marked for you automatically, giving you valuable insight into your students’ understanding.

If you have never used Eedi before, fear not! Your Diagnostic Questions login details will work. And I promise it is super easy to use. My colleague, Leke, has kindly put the following guide together for you.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

Written by
Craig Barton
Head of Education

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