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School closures - Free messaging service

Craig Barton

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to think of ways I could best support teachers and students in the event of school closures.

Earlier this week I shared a collection of free maths resources that might be useful, and an idea to help students think deeper about exam questions that I call Beat the nation.

The Eedi team have pushed forward to develop another free tool that might prove useful at this difficult time - the ability to message students through the Eedi platform. This could be used to notify them about work, give tips, useful information, and so on.

For students using Eedi’s mobile app they will receive a notification message on their phones, however other students will receive their notifications when they log into Eedi website.

To send a notification follow the steps below:

1. When you log into Eedi click on your “Classes” tab

2. Just below the menu, you’ll see a button which says “Send a notification”. Click on that button.

3. You’ll be taken to the notification composer page:

4. Select a class from the drop down on the right. You can then enter a title for your notification in the “Title” field, and type your message into the “Body” field. You’ll see that there are character limits to each field. Once you are ready click “Validate”:

5. The section on the right will now show a list of students in the selected class. Those students will receive the notification if you decide to send the message.
The third column shows where they will receive the notification:
Web = They’ll receive it when they log into Eedi website
Mobile = They’ll receive a notification on their phone

6. When you are happy to send your message click “Send” and the notification will be sent to your students. You’ll see a confirmation page. If you wish to send another notification click “Refresh” to start again.

7. For students who do not have the mobile app, when they log into Eedi they’ll see a notification section in the top right corner.

8. There will be a red number next to the notification icon to indicate how many notifications they’ve received. Clicking on that will show them their notifications.

Written by
Craig Barton
Head of Education

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